Rob van der Wouw speelt!

Sfeerhaven Jazz 2015: Rob van der Wouw (trompet) speelt

Leading and innovative jazztrumpeter, bandleader and composer, blending organic improvised jazz with electronic music. Rob van de Wouw has recorded  5 acclaimed albums as a leader and has won an Edison for his album Tunnelvision in 2010. Co-founder and co-artistic leader of the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra as well as co-leader of the Louk Boudesteijn/Rob van de Wouw Quintet which performed at Carnegie Hall (New York) in 2002.

JazzEcho (Germany): ‘der Dr. Jekyll und Mr. Hyde der Trompete’
De Volkskrant: ‘Sappig, stuiterend en dansbaar de diepte in’
NRC: ‘Nu-jazz met vleugels’
De Telegraaf: ‘Tunnelvision is een superieur album dat de tand des tijds zal doorstaan, een Neder-jazz klassieker
Giel Beelen (3FM): ‘Nu al het beste album van het jaar’
BlankTon (Austria): This for sure is an album that won’t get old too quickly
Der Spiegel (Germany): ‘Auch wer Nujazz-Klangteppich nicht mag, wird beim Trompetenspiel des 1975 geborenen Niederländers aufhorchen.’
Dagens Næringsliv (Norway): ‘Trumpeter Rob van de Wouw expands the boundries of the nujazz-concept even a few meters.’
Nettavisen (Norway): ‘Neon could easily end up being this year’s big surprise’.
Kevvin Notthingham (USA): The Dutch trumpeter is once again defying the “laws” of jazz and taking his instrument to higher levels of expression.’
Bugge Wesseltoft (Jazzland Recordings): Jazzland Recordings are very happy to announce Rob Van De Wouw as a part our musicfamily! … Mixing organic improvised jazz and electronic music elements. Rob does that so well while being a fantastic trumpetplayer and showing great interest in new musical ideas and fresh sounds. Meeting Rob one rainy afternoon at Bimhouse was the perfect example of our dream joining the dedicated global network of musicians and listeners.. Welcome to Jazzland Rob! We are so glad for your interest in collaborating with us. Now i cant wait for us all to meet musically on stage.’